Backpacker Tours Perth Kalbarri

Backpacker Tours Perth Kalbarri

Backpacker Tours Perth Kalbarri. Here are some intriguing and enjoyable activities to do in Kalbarri, along with brief guided tours and lodging options. Accommodations: eat, sleep, and have fun. While traveling to Kalbarri, it is highly recommended to stop at Oakabella Homestead, which was constructed in the 1860s and is situated on 1000 acres of … Read more

Perth Kalbarri Backpacker Tours

Backpacker Tours Perth Kalbarri

Perth to Kalbarri backpacker tours. Things to do, places to stay, and brief tours of Kalbarri are all detailed here. Place to stay, relax, dine, and have fun. The Oakabella Homestead, which dates back to the 1860s and has had its original features painstakingly restored, is on a thousand acres of farmland about 30 kilometers … Read more

Broome to Perth Adventure Tour in January

Broome to Perth Adventure Tour in January This is the Broome to Perth tour with a difference, an outback off-road experience. On this outback camping trip, you will start your West Coast tour in Broome. First stop is an Australia bucket list destination Karijini National Park. You will then travel down to Exmouth and Coral Bay, the perfect snorkeling … Read more

Perth to Broome Overland Tours

Perth Western Australia Day Trips 

Best Perth to Broome Overland Tours  Embark on an epic adventure in the rugged terrains of Western Australia and witness the rich beauty of a myriad of world-renowned sites. Explore desert landscapes and national parks of the region in the comfort of a private vehicle. Your personal tour guide will give you insightful details about … Read more

Sharks tours in Western Australia

Australia’s 25,760 kilometres of coastline are home to 170 of the world’s 440 known shark species. Despite common beliefs about sharks, only a very small number of species such as the Great White Shark, Tiger Shark and Bull Shark present a threat to human lives at sea.  Some of them such as the Great White … Read more

Free places to visit in Perth


Free places to visit in Perth , Cottesloe beach, Kings Park, Northbridge, South Perth, and Free Yoga Cottesloe beach is well worth a visit. How to get there? By bus, train, or car. What is special? There are great long walks along the cost with views of Rottnest Island and Fremantle Harbour. The beaches … Read more

Why study in Perth

Perth will offer you an amazing Western Australian experience if you choose to study here. The weather is perfect, offering long sunshiny days, great beaches and blue skies, a haven of sorts. The record low of the unemployment level in the state is also a good reason for you, since employability would be assured. There … Read more