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Hi, Veruschka, welcome to Go West Handbook

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  • 20th of October – Duke of George

How long have you been in the music scene? 

How long is a piece of string?!  Haha :-0. More than ten years!

As well as playing in the band, do you do solo work?

Yes, in addition to being the frontwoman for Soul Lab, on occasion I perform on my own and do the odd duo with other musicians.

Do you have any music out on any platforms? 

Yes, on Spotify and iTunes.

Are you WA-based?


What genre of music do you find inspirational?

Gospel in terms of lyrics and vocal prowess.  EDM and Afrobeats when it comes to production and sounds that I’m trying to capture.

Did you encounter any challenges becoming a singer?

Many!  There was and has always been the financial uncertainty that comes with living a life that is based in the performing arts.  When I was younger, I always felt so uncertain of my capability as a singer and I struggled a lot with self-doubt.  If I’m completely honest, I still do from time to time but with less frequency.

Do you play any instruments?

I also play the keys, but I’ve never devoted the time to it to become amazing at it.  I play well enough to be able to accompany myself and to be able to write music independently.

Have you played live at any WA festival if so which ones?

I don’t think I have!

If you could headline any festival in the world, what festival would you choose and why?

Probably Coachella because of its size 😊

Any tips for aspiring artists?

Never give up!  Learn and hone your craft.  Talent is one part of the equation, but skill and discipline is another. Excellence is realised through shear hard work and discipline.

Are there any future gigs (Shows) you would like us to mention in this article.

Yes!  If you’re in the Perth area, I’ll be performing with my bad Soul Lab on the following dates and places:

  • 20th of October – Duke of George
  • 28th of October – The Ellington Jazz Club
  • 24th of November – Duke of George
  • 2nd of December – The Ellington Jazz Club
  • 16th of December – Lyrics Underground

Veruschka Pestano interview.

My band, Soul Lab performs a mix of R&B, Soul, Hip-hop and Neo-Soul covers but with a twist.  Dave Klein plays the guitar, Mauritian brothers Nathan Joseph and Adrien Joseph play the bass and sax, respectively, Jason Ogg plays the drums, and Angelo Ravina plays the keys.  We’ve been playing around Perth for just over two years.

What are your hopes and ambitions for the future?

I really want to write, release and perform more of my original music.  I have too many half-recorded songs that I need to finish!!! Veruschka Pestano interview.


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