Veruschka Pestano singer-songwriter

Veruschka Pestano

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Veruschka is a highly talented singer-songwriter hailing from Perth. She has successfully mesmerised audiences both locally and internationally. Her musical journey exemplifies her constant passion and commitment to her artistry. Veruschka Pestano singer-songwriter has also created a style of music that is genuine and easy for people to connect with.

Veruschka Pestano singer-songwriter has an interesting background story

Veruschka’s mother is Jamaican, and her father is German. Therefore, it was bound to happen that music would become a powerful form of self-expression and a means to delve into her varied cultural background. During her younger days, she had the privilege to be inspired by the finest musicians from Motown. Her thanks for being her musical heroes go to Aretha Franklin and Ottis Redding.

Effect on her music

These influential figures from the music industry had a long-lasting effect on her musical preferences. Also, her father played a significant role in broadening her musical preferences. He introduced her to the melodies of classical music. So, her childhood exposed her to a variety of musical genres. This played a significant role in shaping her broad and distinctive musical foundation.

Veruschka’s notable performances in Perth 

Veruschka’s powerful voice, clever lyrics, and popularity make her live performances unique. Her captivating performances and original sound always leave listeners wanting more. She is no stranger to the big stage. She has performed at The Basement, The Seymour Centre, and the after party for the MTV Music Awards at Acer Arena. Veruschka has also proven herself to be a formidable presence in the music industry.

Her “Dance in Paris” single 

Paris, France

Veruschka released her first self-produced song, “Dance in Paris,” in December 2019. The album signifies a transition from her R&B roots to a sound more attuned to popular music. She mentions Daft Punk and David Guetta as influences in her music production. Her motivation to discover and refine her unique style stems from her aspiration.

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