Western Australia wildlife encounters

Western Australia wildlife encounters join the ranks of picturesque wine regions, beautiful beaches and world class surf spots to beckon visitors to fall in love with the region. Here is a list of some of the best wildlife in Western Australia.

Wildlife in Western Australia

  • Kangaroo
  • Dolphins
  • Quokkas
  • Sea lions
  • Possum


The largest member of the marsupial family, Kangaroo is a common yet an exciting sight for visitors who wish to enjoy Western Australia wildlife encounters. Pinaroo Valley Memorial Park is home to Kangaroos that freely roam its length and width. The Whitman Park in Swan Valley contains around 800 kangaroos. Cape Range National Park is another favourite spot to meet kangaroos.


Who doesn’t love dolphins? If you visit the Swan River off the coast of ‘Rotto’ (Rottnest Island), you can watch dolphin frolicking in the waters. Shoalwater Islands Marine Park is another ideal spot to be on the lookout for dolphins. If you want to swim with these intelligent mammals, visit the  Bunbury Dolphin Discovery, where they organize daily trips to greet dolphins.


Quokkas belong to the marsupial family. They are adorably tiny and some of them seem to possess great people skills. Quokkas are by nature nocturnal but in Rottnest Island, they feed during the day and even approach humans. But, you are not allowed to feed them.

Sea lions

Sea lions use their flippers to push themselves up in water and they are able to walk on land using the same. The best time to see Australian sea lions falls between the months of December to February (think summer). While you can encounter sea lions in coastal areas across Australia, go to Green Head on the coast of Mid-West to get a closer look.  


Endangered western ringtail possum can be found in the Tuart Forest National Park which interestingly is the largest remaining area of Tuart forest in the entire planet. You can of course find brushtail possums too in the park. Possums are nocturnal and the best way to see them is to sign up for a Possum Spotlight Trail.

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