What on in Perth music and pubs

What on in Perth music and pubs

Perth is a lively city and the bars contribute to this vibe. Whether you want a drink to drown the woes of the day or are looking to groove to some fine tunes, you get quite the variety to choose from here.

What on in Perth music and pubs visit The Mustang Bar

Now this is a great spot to open the list for you get here everything from good music to drinks that keep coming and some exotic swing dancers who know how to put on a show! The ambience almost every single night is eclectic so if you want to party like there is no tomorrow this is probably one of the best bars in town.

What on in Perth music and pubs Amplifier And Capitol

If loud, wild and crazy music is your thing go make some noise at the Amplifier And Capitol. In fact there is a dedicated indoor room where you can create all kinds of music and if you ever want a break step outside to the courtyard for there is a lot of boozing and schmoozing that awaits you. This is one of those no frills spots and because it is so raw and real you get the hard core music fans forever drawn to this place.

What on in Perth music and pubs visit Badland Bar

This is another perfect place to let your musical soul go wild and crazy. Walking into this bar feels like walking into a devils lair but that’s ok because only a free spirit can create the best and most raw tunes. There is plenty of room to do your thing here and while you are at it don’t forget to drink up; it is all part of enjoying the Badlands Bar.

What on in Perth music and pubs go to The Ellington Jazz Club

Fancy some Jazz flavour? The Ellington Jazz Club offers something to satiate those appetites. Although this cosy little venue is known above all for being the jazz hub in town you also get here blues, soul, folk, rock and R&B bands.
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