What you learn when you first emigrate to Australia from Ireland

As intimidating as it may be, emigrating to Australia from Ireland has a light-hearted side when you slightly adjust your perspective. Here are the things that you invariably learn when you first move to Australia.

You will think about the costs

Your brain begins to turn out elementary maths problems throughout the day. You are constantly trying to figure out if something costs $ 30 in Australia, what is the amount in euro? And if it is 5 o’clock out here, what time it would be back home?

Unlike before when you seamlessly blended into the crowd, now as the only Irish person in most groups, you stand out and sound so Irish.

You will visit fast food places

You love your passport, if it goes amiss even for a few seconds, you panic. You find yourself frequenting McDonald’s and KFC more often than back at home. The reason being that at these fast food places, you would at least know what you are getting.

Free WiFi spots are a godsend. You like to lurk around these spots for far too long.

Certain Irish expressions such as ‘Any craic?’ or ‘spuds’ raise a lot of eyebrows out here and our sense of humour and way of affectionately slagging someone off tend to offend some people.

You realize, you’ve probably packed a lot of unnecessary things in your luggage but you still hold on to those. Just in case.

Google Maps becomes your vaviour

Google Maps has become your saviour when it comes to getting around. You find yourself walking with your phone in your face to get to places. Let those judgmental people judge. You simply want to avoid getting lost.

You find out who your real friends are back home slowly but painfully. Some friends who pledge eternal fealty and promised to email or check on you seem to lose interest in you. Others, the real friends will message you and even send you packages with goodies and love. Those are the best.

You will get used to the change

There is so much that you did not know about yourself. You realize how courageous you were to pack up and leave the way you did. You figure out that things do workout for the best if you stick it out. You go through highs and lows but soon you learn to deal with both ends steadfastly. Life in Australia may seem rather different to what it appeared to be when you checked it out on Google but you soon leant to adapt. Regardless of whether you decide to settle in Australia permanently or look elsewhere for a home or even move back home, the entire experience of emigrating to Australia from Ireland will change you.

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