What’s on in Broome Pubs, Hotel, and Bars in Australia Today?

Broome maybe small in size but it attracts a lot of visitors, and boasts of a vibrant nightlife. Entertainment is provided in pubs, bars, and restaurants that accompanied by the nocturnal distraction that includes live music. You will experience something unique when you visit the many pubs, hotels, and bars located in Broome. 

Pubs and Bars in Broome

You will find many bars and pubs in the town centre. The Roey is a popular meeting spot and sprawls across many bars. It’s been there since 1890, providing good food, drinks and entertainment. Located just opposite the Cable Beach, Divers Tavern offers great food, an extensive range of drinks and live sports coverage, and it is definitely a Broome favourite. Yet another great bar facing the Cable Beach, the Sunset Bar and Grill is ideal for a sunset rendez-vous with drinks and excellent food. The Only Microbrewery in town is the Matso’s Broome Brewery. It offers a cocktail menu in addition to having a bar and a restaurant.

Cable Beach

Nightlife in cable beach centers mostly on restaurants and bars in resort hotels, but you do not need to be a hotel guest to enjoy yourself. There are many bars in Cable Beach Club Resort and Spa, including some we’ve mentioned before. You can watch the sunset while you have a drink near the pool on a beachfront terrace. Cable Beach is mostly famous for the camel rides. At the end of which, you can find a good find a restaurant or bar facing the beach. Order your favourite cocktail and watch the sun go down, before you go on your merry way for a great night out. 

Live Music

What is a good night out without music? While Broome tends to keep it local yet groovy when it comes to pub music, international bands sometimes grace this locale. You can find wholesome live music at most pubs and bars in Broome. 

You can head over to the verandah at Matso’s Broome Brewery to listen to catchy tunes. Driver Tavern should be your choice if you love music by the beach. The Roey is a reliable venue which hosts touring bands, local musician both international and Australian.

When you come to Broome, you should definitely visit the pubs, bars, and hotels to experience something that is unique and different.

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