What’s on in Exmouth in March and April

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Coral Viewing & Snorkel Tour, Exmouth 2hrs
Turtle Tour - Half Day Sea Kayak & Snorkel Tour
Coral Viewing Tour, Exmouth 1hr
2023 Whale Shark Snorkelling Adventure Tour (APR-JUL)
Half Day Snorkel + Coral Viewing Exmouth
Whale Shark Adventure Swims Exmouth 2023 Season
Priority Plus Whaleshark Tour Booking | April - July
Lagoon Explorer | Full Day Kayak & Snorkel Tour
Day Trip Fishing
30min Gulf Classic
Humpback Whale Swim & Watch Tour 2023
Whale Shark & Whale Watching Ningaloo Eco Tour August to October 2023
60 min Birds Eye View Ningaloo
Swimming with Whale Sharks on the Ningaloo - Exmouth WA - 1st March to 31st August - 2023
BOOKEASY 2023 Whale Shark/Humpback/Eco Sea Life Tour (AUG-SEPT)
20th APRIL 2023 Solar Eclipse with a Constellation of Whale sharks
Sunset Humpback Whale Watching Cruise - September to Late October

What’s on in Exmouth in March and April. Exmouth is a best-kept secret. It Exmouth is located on the Ningaloo Coast and is known as the Western Most tip of Australia. If you set foot into Exmouth, you will go back 60 years in time. The town is very friendly and you can expect a warm welcome.

Swim With the Largest Sharks of the Ocean


Swimming with the whale sharks in the Ningaloo Reef is a onetime experience and don’t worry, the whale sharks won’t bite.

Kayak the Mangrove Bay

While the little sharks swim beneath you, you can spend time watching out for sea eagles, ospreys, and mangrove kingfisher while you are at Mangrove Bay.

Watch Turtle Hatchlings on Its Way to the Oceans.


You can visit the beach at night to get a glimpse of turtle hatchlings making their way to the ocean.

Bundegi Beach

You can jump off the jetty or canoe, kayak, launch of a boat, fish or have a sunbath while you are here. If you are short of time this is the place to be. What’s on in Exmouth in March and April.

Get on to a Microlight for a Bird’s Eye View

The view from the microlight will defiantly take your breath away. You will get hands-on experience as a micro-pilot.

Watch the Sunrise and the Sunset

Backpacker Tours Perth to Exmouth
Sunset in Exmouth

Vlaming Head lighthouse is where you can watch the sunrise and the sunset from the same location.

Staircase to the Moon

You can experience the staircase to the moon as the moon rises just after sunset. The moon will create a staircase of moon beans on the ocean.

Whale Watching

You can whale watch from a cruise, a lighthouse or from the town beach.

Snorkel at Turquoise Bay

You can watch the rays and turtles as you snorkel in the turquoise bay.

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