What's on in Fremantle in January

What’s on in Fremantle in January 

Fremantle at first glance may seem like a quiet, laid back little town but that does not mean in any way that it is short of interesting events and activities. In fact January 2019 is already beginning to look promising for there are plenty of exciting activities lined up for this time of the year.

What’s on in Fremantle in January  Underwater Film Festival

First up for the New Year is the Fremantle underwater film festival scheduled for the 4th of January at 6pm. For all those marine lovers out there, this event is very informative and educative and is also ideal if you are keen on learning new and intriguing facts about marine species. Although it is entertaining in many ways, the main aim of this festival is to spread awareness and bring about a positive change for the oceans.

What’s on in Fremantle in January  Falls Festival

On the 5th of January the Falls Festival is scheduled to take place on the Oval Precinct along Parry Street. When it comes to entertaining the city, this event steals the limelight for it showcases some of the finest works of the most popular artists in the country. A major crowd puller, this event is sure to set the mood in the city and you will happy fans grooving all day on both the 5th and the 6th of January.

What’s on in Fremantle in January Learn Something New

Apart from the conventional festivals there are a whole heap of hands on activities lined up for January 2019. For those keen on relaxation and staying in shape, there is a yoga class commencing on the 6th of January and runs up to about 6 weeks. Similarly there are a number of other classes scheduled all of which are aimed at bringing out the creative side in you. If you are keen on following one or more of such classes, relevant information is readily available online.

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