What’s on in Fremantle, South Fremantle, and East Fremantle

So, what’s on in Fremantle, South Fremantle, and East Fremantle. Well, a wide range of events are taking place within these few months in the city of Fremantle where you are encouraged to take part in the festivities involved. Do support the local business people by taking part in these activities.

St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival

This festival is actually the most anticipated event in this city. The Laneway Festival will be held this year well. You can also experience some new exposure to seminal music and view the live acts who perform live on stage at this festival. Learn to really appreciate the power of music and what it can offer you.

Aboriginal River Stone Painting

At this event, you can learn how to effectively use your creativity level in decorating the river stones with Nyoongar symbols and words, dot designs. In addition, learn how you can develop your own style of rock art.

Sunset Food Markets

Gain the unique opportunity to enjoy your summer with others in a similar social background. You can enjoy your days to the maximum and having all the fun you need to have here. You will also get the opportunity to sample delicacies which have been originated from different countries. Enjoy the live music provided and buy a drink from the pop-up bar. And this has been erected solely for this purpose, for you to enjoy. A face painting stall will also be present here so that your kids can also be entertained while you dance to your favourite songs.

What’s on in Fremantle South Fremantle and East Fremantle: Kwongkan

This is a large collection of traditional as well as contemporary dance theatre and live music. Here, the amazingly flexible performers of the city of Perth have got together in order to appreciate the use of the traditional theatre of dance. This event will be a truly unforgettable experience of really traditional real music which is a unique concept.
Things to do in Fremantle today

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