What’s on in Perth in February?

So, what’s on in Perth in February? If you want to visit Australia in February, you will definitely need to take sunscreen with you. February is statistically the hottest month of the year. If you are planning a trip, you will need to consider favorable weather and climatic conditions.

As a result, heat-loving folk will want to avoid the majority of the Northern portion and direct their eyes to the south. Fortunately, there are a great number of destinations on offer in the Southern part of Australia which cover a variety of environments.

The best getaway

The warm weather will cause many of these destinations to be at their best in summer and ideal to enjoy which otherwise would have been chilled out during the other parts of the year. So, if you are looking to have some gateway fun in Australia during the month of February, Perth is one of the best places to visit.

Ideal weather and climate

The average temperature in the southwest coast of Western Australia stands at 15-28°C. Australia’s South West encompasses five sub-regions which feature impressive natural highlights and interesting towns. There are many destinations that reveal a mixture of nature, wine, and food of the South West.

Margret River, land of waves and wine

You can expect world-class surfing with breaks of various length and size. Margret river has been recognized as a spot for big wave surfing with over 40 breaks. The Margret River region is also famous for its production of wine in the international scene. It is also home for wildlife parks, mazes, and cave systems that are spectacular and make for a welcome respite from the heat and a stunning destination.

What’s on in Perth in February: Beautiful Albany

There is a lot of history and seaside beauty in Albany.

There is a wealth of historical architecture dating back to the time of the European arrival. The town has many attractions which include a lovely broad walk, Whaling Station, beautiful sea, and sand stretches and host to wineries, hiking trails, and national parks.

Charming Busselton

The town of Busselton is a charming location that consists of picturesque water, evening skies that are breathtaking and its signature jetty.  Being accessible from Perth, the southwest has many destinations for a multi-day journey. Heading south of the capital city will reveal a tapestry of landscapes and many adventures.

Make a move

Planning a getaway to the Southwest during the month of February will save you accommodation and stress on the reads as you share these beautiful attractions with others.

Day trip Perth to Rockingham


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