What's On in Kings Park Perth

What’s On in Kings Park

Being one of the most massive inner city parks in the world, there are many things which you can do in King’s Park. It hosts many different activities, cultural events, ceremonies and is a popular spot for picnics and walks.

Enjoy a Nature Walk

For those of you who are into power walking and rambling around nature, you can definitely take advantage of this amazing view to venture into nature. You can go on foot or even hire a bike for the journey, so that you can do a longer trail. There will also be paddle boards and kayaks on offer at the base of the causeway so that you can rent these and enjoy yourself on the Swan River. The most popular paths taken by nature lovers include The Lotterywest Federation Walkway, The Kokoda Track and Jacob’s Ladder. Take a picnic with you and enjoy your meal while rambling through these walkways.

Kings Park Festival

Initiated in 1964, this festival is a great celebration of the wildflowers and other floral displays in Western Australia. This is a month long celebration which takes place in the springtime at the King’s Park Botanic Gardens. There are many different forms of entertainment which you can be involved in, including guided tours, artworks, exhibitions, live music, family entertainment and workshops in addition to the different floral displays offered. The floral exhibitions are something which is not to be missed, so do enjoy this unique experience for yourself.

Giant Boab Tree

This is a significant and massive Boab tree which is in King’s Park. The importance of this tree lies in the fact that it was uprooted from the Kimberly Region in 2008 and transported 3200 km so that it could be transplanted in the King’s Park. Given to the park as a gift from the locals of Kimberly, this giant tree was 750 years old and weighed 36 tonnes when it was brought to the King’s Park. Don’t miss it, it’s an amazing sight you can really appreciate.

DNA Tower

Situated at the highest point of the park, the white colour tower offers some spectacular views from the top. This unique tower has 101 steps which are all built in a double helix design in order to make it look like a DNA molecule. The DNA tower has a spectacular view of the city lights at night and the foot of this tower is paved with stones which originated from the towns of Western Australia.

Jacob’s Ladder

Located at the end of Cliff Street, this staircase is named as Jacob’s Ladder, to be experienced for those of you who are interested in walking up the side of Mount Eliza. Consisting of 242 different steps, it leads down to the Mount Bay Road at the boundary of King’s Park. Although it is a bit hectic to climb these stairs, the view of Perth as well as the Swan River from the top is absolutely breath-taking.


In January 2009, over 20 hectares of the King’s Park burnt down as a result of a deliberately lit fire. The trees which had been there for decades were destroyed as they burnt right to the ground. Although many firefighters and rescue workers tried really hard to quench as much of the bushfire, it will take a long time to regrow the trees which burnt down to its initial state.

Tree Top Walk

This causeway is actually a section which is elevated from the Lotterywest Federation Walkway. Being 200 metres long, and 16 metres higher than ground level, the glass bridge is made out of a steel structure to ensure your safety. Take a walk on this, and have the opportunity of a great view of the tree tops of the Eucalyptus trees.

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