What’s on in Perth Event Finder?

What’s on in Perth Event Finder? Lots of interesting events lined up for the upcoming months in Perth and this includes food, comedy shows, interesting performances and more. Make sure you go to the right places to witness the best events the city has in store.

The Late show

Unwinding and relaxation demands a good laugh. The late show scheduled to take place on the 27th of April is another excellent event hosted by the Comedy Lounge Perth City. If you know anything about Comedy Lounge you will know that this is where some of the best performances are created and the Late show is one of the best here.

The Mustang Bar

The Mustang Bar is a favourite hangout spot after dark that is loaded with events, excellent music and drinks that keep coming. The ambience almost every single night is eclectic so if you want to party like there is no tomorrow this is probably one of the best bars in town.

Riverside Markets

A visit to Perth is not complete without exploring what the Riverside markets have in store. Dedicate Sunday the 19th of May to this shopping extravaganza that goes on from 9am all the way till 1pm. Apart from all the interesting goodies and arts and crafts that is for sale, the market also boasts fantastic views making the whole shopping experience a relaxing affair. There are also food stalls with BBQ meat and excellent coffee. With the fantastic aroma characteristic to these spots you are bound to stay here for much longer than anticipated.

What’s on in Perth event finder?

Artisian Market York

This outdoor market is used to have you falling in love with art. Offering a combination of craft and quality art, this market is a good event to get your hands on souvenirs. Located in a picturesque setting even this contributes to the artsy vibe of the surroundings. What’s on in Perth Event Finder?

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