Why migrate to Perth, Western Australia?

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Why migrate to Perth, Western Australia? Perth is the capital of Western Australia and has more hours of sun than any other capital of Australia. The Mediterranean climate means that Perth enjoys mild winters, hot summers and blue skies for most of the year.

Kings Park and the Swan River

The city is located on the Swan River and below the Kings Park botanical park. With all the sunny weather, people spend time outdoors swimming, sailing, water skiing, fishing, biking, walking and running, especially around the Swan River.

Why migrate to Perth, Western Australia? Perth a capital city

Life in apartments is prominent in the suburbs. The central business district of Perth consists of offices, financial institutions, and several restaurants and commercial attractions.

Amazing Restaurants and entertainment district

Next to the central business district is the vibrant entertainment district of Northbridge, in Northbridge, which houses cafes, restaurants, bars, nightlife, cultural events, and festivals.
Apartments and houses of character can be found in these areas. Popular cafes, recreational facilities, and parks are available.

Why migrate to Perth, Western Australia? The northern suburbs of Perth oa great lifestyle

Also known to locals as “north of the river,” the northern suburbs line the coast and expand inland. House prices generally increase the closer you are to the coast.
The northern suburbs are generally well established; however, the larger suburbs of Joondalup and Ellenbrook are regularly launching new properties with vacant lots.

Why migrate to Perth, Western Australia? because the southern suburbs of Perth offer relaxed uncrowded life style

The southern suburbs are generally well established and include new properties with vacant lots.
Fremantle offers a combination of contemporary homes, traditional cottages, and apartments. Fremantle is home to the busiest work port in Western Australia and is also known for its music, art, and culture, festivals, retail stores, markets, cafes, and restaurants.

More hours of sun means more time outdoors

Fun fact: Perth has more hours of bright sunshine than any other Australian capital.  All this additional sun means that people can enjoy the outdoors; practicing sports, drinking in the rooftop bars, picnicking in bars and cricket in the courtyard under a beautiful and clear sunny sky.

Experience beautiful  Western Australia through Perth

Perth is the ideal gateway to experience Western Australia. Once you are in Perth, you will be within hours of some of the most unique experiences the state has to offer. You can swim with whale sharks on the Ningaloo Reef, marvel at the killer whales in Bremer Canyon or explore Esperance in southeastern Washington, home to some of the whitest beaches in Australia.
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