Why study in Perth

Perth will offer you an amazing Western Australian experience if you choose to study here. The weather is perfect, offering long sunshiny days, great beaches and blue skies, a haven of sorts. The record low of the unemployment level in the state is also a good reason for you, since employability would be assured. There are many reasons why you should consider Perth for carrying out your studies, such as the economy and the technological developments. Some of these reasons are;

05. Why study in Perth 

Internationally Recognised Qualifications

You can obtain a world class education in Perth, which will be recognised anywhere. Good quality practical education is offered to students with very flexible options of studying.

Standard of Living

Perth is known for their high standards of living, and the level of affordability to its people. For international students, they offer a 40% discount on all forms of public transportation and also bus transportation within the Perth city centre would be free for anyone. Some of the other benefits would be Perth being less populated, low traffic, the gorgeous climate and the low crime rate.

Multicultural Diversity

Perth is full of people who are from more than 200 different countries who have come to work, study or live in Perth. Hence, it does not matter what your origin, culture or religion is. You will be welcomed in Perth, wherever you are from. Perth offers diverse places of worship and also cultural groups so that international students could socialise with those of a similar culture.

Why study in Perth Part-time Work

Students who have come to study with a student visa to Perth, are given the opportunity of working for up to a maximum of 20 hours per week on a part time basis. This will be a great opportunity for students to earn some extra money for your spending. Perth also offers many diverse part-time job opportunities in many fields which you can make use of.

Festivals, Food and Fun

Being WA’s cultural hub, Perth offers students many events of arts and entertainment. The whole year, there will be numerous cultural and social activities, events and festivals taking place. Food festivals are the most popular ones in this city, so if you are a foodie, this will definitely interest you.

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