Wildlife Encounters in Perth

Perth is a region rich in numerous species of flora and fauna. For those interested wildlife encounters in Perth, here is a list of wild beasts and birds that frequent the region.

Wildlife in Perth

  • Dolphins
  • Fairy Penguins
  • Quokkas
  • Kangaroos
  • Black Swans


Bottlenose dolphins frolic in the warm waters of Perth. These intelligent and playful creatures are sought after by many who look for wildlife encounters in Perth. You can visit the Swan River near the Coast of Rottnest Island or the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park to catch glimpses of dolphins.

Fairy Penguins

Fairy Penguins swim near the Penguin Island in Shoalwater Bay near Rockingham, a short 45 minute drive south of Perth. From there you can take a ferry to the island. Fairy penguins are the smallest breed of penguins. They nest on Penguin Island during winter and spend most of their time swimming in the waters. They usually return to the island after dusk.


Rottnest Island boasts of a prevalent population of these adorable mini marsupial and they are rather friendly. Quokkas are native to Western Australia. These nocturnal creatures usually rest during the day but in Rottnest Island they fearlessly and rather opportunistically feed during the day. But it is illegal for humans to feed these eager creatures.


Western Grey Kangaroos seem to like it in Perth. There are several locations in Perth, where you could spot kangaroos. You can find a sizeable population of kangaroos in Heirisson Island which is located east of the CBD as well as at the Yanchep National Park. In Swan Valley (a veritable bio diversity hot spot), Whiteman Park, there are approximately 800 kangaroos.

Black Swans

You can spot black swans swimming across the Swan River but if you visit Lake Monger in suburban Perth, you’ll be able to see these beautiful birds in packs. While they may retaliate pretty aggressively if you try to approach their young, black swans are vegetarians. They feast on algae and water weeds.  

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