Working holiday visa age for Aussies, Canadians increased to 35

This is great news regarding the working holiday visa age. Canada and Australia made an important decision recently to expand the age range provided in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Youth Mobility signed between the two countries. The amended MoU will enable young adults aged between 18 and 35 from Canada and Australia to work and travel in the other country through the International Experience Canada (IEC) programme. The upper age was earlier set at 31.

This Is a Great Chance for All 

This is an ideal opportunity for young Canadians and working holiday makers to travel to Australia and vice versa. The Working Holiday Maker Scheme had been in existence for over 40 years and had proved to be a blessing for many. Many people have been able to improve their life perspectives and chances by participating in working vacations. This has helped them to obtain life experiences, build cultural and other partnerships, and enhance their views.

The age extension is expected to expand these opportunities for many more.

The Scheme Covers Three Categories 

Canada is the first country to which Australia has extended this age limit under its reciprocal Working Holiday Maker programmes. It has similar programmes with 41 countries. The programme includes provisions for cultural exchange as well as rights to temporary employment. Hence, it’s possible that there will be an increase in job openings in Australia.

The new age limit is applicable to both first and second Working Holiday visa applications and came into effect with the new IEC 2019 season.The scheme covers three categories:

  1. Working holiday makers, as described above
  2. Employer-specific work permits granted to International Co-op participants enabling students to gain experience in their field of study
  3. Employer-specific work permits granted to Young Professionals participants to gain targeted, professional work experience within their specific field of study or career.

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