World's Highest paid expats

Where do World’s Highest paid expats live

Everybody at some point in their lives get the need of a relocate for travelling purposes or working, this can be to across the country, across the town or may be across the road to your parents. Whatever you do, there is always a good reason for it, like the free laundry service and the free lunch when you move across to your parents.
Yet for the more adventures souls out there, moving across the country isn’t going to work. To cater to this growing trend majority of governments have implemented short term and long term visa services like working holiday visas/short term business visa and work visa to their immigration systems.
However exciting the idea of moving to another country is, it always comes with added challenges. Much as any other major decision in your life, it is best to do your research before you make up your mind. First thing is you need to decide where your destination is and where you will feel like home. These are complicated questions with many variables to consider. Following are some the key considerations,

  • Cost of living
  • Climate
  • Employment opportunities
  • Natural disasters
  • Real estate value
  • Culture
  • Education system
  • Healthcare facilities

And most of all the income, without a good income level it is not easy to live anywhere in the world. HSBC Expat released its annual Expat survey of 25,000 expats around the world to find the cities with the highest expat income and the most job opportunities, making it whole lot easier for the traveller souls out there.

World’s Highest paid expats

We have listed top 30 cities for expat income, all which above the global average.

  1. Istanbul, Turkey: Average Income for expat – $100,577
  2. Brussels, Belgium: Average Income for expat – $102,482
  3. Vienna, Austria: $103,342
  4. Auckland, New Zealand: $107,500
  5. London United Kingdom: $107,863
  6. So, Paolo: $113,516
  7. Muscat, Oman: $113,733
  8. Oslo, Norway: $114,538
  9. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: $116,679
  10. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: $117,515
  11. Singapore: $117, 515
  12. Nairobi, Kenya: $119, 182
  13. Bangkok: $119,601
  14. Kuwait City, Kuwait: $123,041
  15. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: $127,456
  16. Doha, Qatar: $131,408
  17. Tokyo, Japan: $132,508
  18. Sydney, Australia: $134,368
  19. Moscow, Russia: $135,909
  20. Dubai: $138,177
  21. Paris, France: $139,602
  22. Hong Kong, China: $148,410
  23. Jakarta, Indonesia: $152,589
  24. Los Angeles, USA: $161,126
  25. New York, USA: $182,240
  26. Geneva, Switzerland: $184,942
  27. Shanghai, China: $202,211
  28. Zurich, Switzerland: $206,875
  29. San Francisco, USA: $207,227
  30. Mumbai, India: $217,165

In conclusion some US cities and Australia have managed to stay up there, Mumbai, India has managed to top the list with highest $217,165 average expat salary.

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